My name is Gayle Lindgren & I am a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. I do Special Events (Concerts, PhotoBooths, etc), Business, and Landscape photography. This site is new and still under construction, so check back soon for more photos and information. You can email to get in touch. Thanks!

***Other Services Available***

Scanning, Slideshow Production, Photo Restoration, Graphic Design

Scanning: I can help you get all of your old photos out of boxes & albums and onto a DVD for easy viewing and archiving. Sizes up to 8x10. $0.40/per photo (automatically includes image enhancements such as red eye reduction, color correction, scratch removal, etc on every scan.) Saved as high resolution jpg files unless otherwise instructed. 

Slideshow Production: Display your photos as a one-of-a-kind slideshow complete with stylish transitions and background music. Perfect for events such as weddings, reunions, and birthday parties; slideshows are also a great way to remember your favorite vacation or even your entire year. Let me do all the work for you, it's what I love to do! 
Slideshow: $20 for up to 100 photos, $5 for every additional 50. Saved at HD quality on a DVD. (Special requests for specific media, such as cd/dvd/thumb-drive/etc, can be fulfilled.) 

Digital Photo Restoration/Photo Enhancement: Old Photos can be scanned & restored to their former glory with a little bit of attention. Can remove scratches/dust, perform color correction on faded photos, and more. 
Restoration: $4/picture 
Photo Enhancement can be done on digital files as well. Cropping, Red-Eye Reduction, Color Correction, Exposure Compensation, etc. Do you have a bunch of summer photos that you don't have time to edit? I use the latest Photoshop technology to get them looking their best. Can be saved for printing, posting online, or both! 
Photo Enhancement on Digital Pictures: $0.50/picture

Graphic Design: Need a flyer or an advertisement for your business or event? I have been in the field for 13+ years and specialize in print & online media. I do not build websites at this time. Prices vary based on project. Have a request not mentioned here? Email me at and I will let you know if I am able to help. Thanks!